Our commitment is to recreate an ancient flavour and produce a genuine Pesto with simple ingredients, just like the one we make at home, in which the main ingredient – the basil grown in Pra’ – gives its unique, unmistakeable aroma.

These are the characteristics that make this basilico (O baxaicò de Pra’) excellent: small convex leaves, bright in colour, with no scent of mint and a very delicate flavour. As soon as it’s harvested in our greenhouses, it’s processed and immediately trasformed into Pesto.

The unique quality of our product derives from the fact that we use our own basil, select the ingredients carefully and skilfully neasure out the right quantities. Our Pesto is a fresh product, with no preservatives, whose processing follows the traditional Genovese recipe.



Phone:+39 010 6980069


Salita Rolando Ascherio, 3 A
16157 Genova (GE)

Last modified: 27 Jan 2022
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