The Mezzano breeds the ancient Ligurian cattle breed, Cabannina, in order to use the local fodder resources in the most sustainable way.

This bovine, small in size but with a great capacity of ingestion, is ideal to transform forage into useful food for man, such as milk, cheese, meat and cold cuts.
It is enough to think that with an adult bovine we can produce 30 quintals of milk, equivalent to 3 quintals of cheese, or 2 quintals of meat.

In terms of environment, an adult cattle that feeds almost exclusively on fodder subtracts more than 30 quintals of CO2 per year and frees about 10 for its metabolism.

In terms of landscape, a cow makes pleasant and cared for about 2 hectares of land.

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Mostardella is a traditional salami from Valpocevera (Genoa), made with scraps of beef of second choice compared to the salami.

Mostardella del Mezzano, on the other hand, is made with scraps of prime beef or female Cabannina beef. It is the meat closest to the bone, the one that contains inseparable and very tasty parts of fat

In addition to beef, it contains 50% local pork (meat + lard cut with a knife).

The mix is prepared from time to time with the ingredients of the traditional recipe, but to make it more pleasant taste is added red wine from Valpocevera corrected with grappa, pepper, garlic, with red garlic from Nubia, vitamin C, nutmeg and cinnamon.

No nitrites or nitrates are used, because food safety is given by the detailed knowledge of all the ingredients of the product.

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