We cultivate biodiversity:

The biological heritage of the crops we have inherited is the fruit of the earth, cultivating this knowledge is our mission.

We have been in the field for twenty years: ours is an association of small producers who know well the value of the land and the work connected to it.

Azienda agricola Biologica Iannone Anna produces and transforms vegetables, legumes and fruits of its land, with a special attention to native biotypes, such as the Black Chickpea of Murgia Carsica and the Red Onion of Acquaviva.

When we started sowing onions, Slow Food was recently born, and a new food culture was beginning to spread in the country.

The Presidia were set up to safeguard the biodiversity of the area and small traditional crops such as the Red Onion of Acquaviva, the Red Sponzale and the Black Chickpea of the Murgia Carsica.
Thanks to the constant and resilient work of the farmers of the Communities of the Red Onion and the Black Chickpea, two identity products of the people of Acquavivese could be saved from oblivion.




Via Maselli Campagna, 158
70021 Acquaviva delle Fonti (ba)

Being part of the Presidia family is the guarantee that we offer the best to those who choose our company.

Red Onion of Acquaviva

Simply unique… in the rich fruit and vegetable landscape of Italy, His Majesty the Red Onion of Acquaviva stands out clearly for its appearance and flavor. Its “flattened disc” shape, intense carmine red color and surprising sweetness define the uniqueness of this generous fruit of Mother Earth.

The cultivation is practiced exclusively in the territory of Acquaviva delle Fonti, with sowing in September and harvesting that begins in early July and lasts until the end of August.

The Red Sponzale of Acquaviva

Long live the bride and groom! The Latin origin of the name – “sponzale” from spònsasus (future bridegroom) – testifies how deeply rooted the onion is in the cultural tradition of Southern Italy.

The sponzale, or spouse, is the new bulb that is generated from the same ripe onion by natural vegetative reproduction. It has a fresh, sweet and delicate taste, good both raw and cooked, but the brandies consecrate Sponzale as a filling for the Calzone di Cipolla di Acquaviva.

The harvest begins in the middle of autumn and continues in winter (when the young bulb has not yet begun to round off).

The Black Chickpea of Murgia Carsica

His Excellency Cicer Arietinum is the natural green manure of the Red Onion soils. An inseparable union between vegetable and legumes that alternate on soils that can benefit from the nitrogen fixed by Cece on which the onion will be prepared the following year.

The black chickpea is rich in iron, fiber and protein (much more than a common white chickpea), ideal for a healthy meal that recalls the traditional cuisine with a simple scent in a pot.

It is harvested in August and is available dried all year round. Our company has focused on this product reducing soaking and cooking times (necessary to be able to consume the best black chickpeas, which, having a tenacious skin, requires 12 hours of ammol before cooking), proposing the Ceci Lessi that you can find in our store.

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