We have always been BIO, and we are aware that the ways each of us to cultivate, breed, transform, market and consume healthy and sustainable products are crucial to the Planet, and therefore to ourselves.
For us, cultivating and breeding in harmony with the environment, respecting ecosystems and natural cycles, has been an everyday practice since the 1980s…

You should not ask too much of the soil, animals or plants.

But we like to go beyond the pure concept of organic production, and the model we have always aimed at is the circular economy and minimum waste. For this reason too, since 1989 we have been producing organic yoghurt in glass…

Our cows are mainly fed on grass, hay, legumes and cereals, without GMO food, of course. And one of the member companies of our Cooperative has already obtained the STG certification – Traditional Speciality Guaranteed – for which it produces STG hay milk, as well as 100% Piedmontese!

We have also made a prototype of Ecostalla, tested for 4 years with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Turin with very encouraging results! The Ecostalla represents an eco-sustainable breeding model and is totally deconstructible. It is made only of wood, with transparent covers, and the animals have plenty of space to move around on a special natural bedding.

We are also a Social Cooperative: for us, therefore, it is very important to have the possibility of introducing people with difficulties, who find here a healthy and constructive dimension to dedicate themselves to and often a real path towards autonomy. Also with their contribution we produce all our organic, healthy and natural products: yoghurt in glass, STG kefir, STG drinking yoghurt, butter, uht milk, vegetables IV range.


Phone:0171 612605


Via Cian, 16 - San Bernardo
12010 Cervasca (CN)

We only produce organic, healthy and natural products:

  • BIO Yogurt in glass (since 1989) in jars of 125g 500g and 1000g. Whites (natural) and with fruit.
  • BIO Kefir made with our “STG hay milk”, Traditional Guaranteed Specialty.
  • BIO Drinking Yoghurt made with our “STG hay milk”, Traditional Guaranteed Specialty.
  • BIO uht Milk, in 500 ml and 1 liter formats. In three types: high digestibility, whole, partially skimmed.
  • BIO Butter, produced using only fresh centrifugal cream, the finest.
  • BIO Cheeses, including Toma Piemontese DOP.
  • BIO yogurt in plastic jars for school canteens, hospitals, companies, Ho.Re.Ca., etc.
  • BIO Vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, onions, etc.) IV range.

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