More than 50 years of tradition: our story begins in 1964 with my father, Giuseppe.

Rooted in the territory, our brand is characterized by a strong reference to tradition and craftsmanship. It is both continuous innovation and creativity, combining the intrinsic quality of the product with the great attention to design: the choice of colours; the packaging recognisability, the aesthetic sense combined with the sensorial dimension of the product.
The whole process, from conception to production, is entirely carried out in Turin, according to a logical thread that relates the high quality of the raw materials, the direct relationship with the Cocoa producers, the control of the supply chain (with special attention to eco-sustainability) and traditional recipes evolved by combining innovation and creativity with passion, a fundamental ingredient that we put into our work every day.

As this year we celebrate 25 years of our Tourinot, I propose a collection entirely dedicated.
I had this intuition in 1995: making Giandujotto, which is the history of Turin’s chocolate, more elegant, greedy and usable. For 25 years we have been working to make it perfect and decline its uniqueness in other versions of pleasure: 4 different Tourinot recipes and a spreadable cream.
All Tourinot are produced with the extrusion method, which allows to maintain the most faithful recipe to the original one and to make each chocolate unique.

Let’s celebrate this bet together, made out of passion 25 years ago.


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