Company’s philosophy is to combine old traditions passed down from generation to generation with real customers’ needs by offering an absolutely excellent product, characterized by many shades of taste and exciting fragrances and also for its innovative and new packaging.

Our strength lies in the control and management of the whole production chain.
Family lands cover more than 180 hectares (70.000 olives trees) carefully cultivated in Puglia. The olives harvested are milled in the new own factory, recently opened in an area of 21.000 sqm including six different production lines.


Hence, the incomparable chemical and organoleptic characteristics of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

– winner of the Gold Award at 2018 and 2019 New York International Competition
– winner of the Gold Award in Berlin 2020
– winner of the Silver Award in 2019 and Gold Award in 2020 at prestigious contest in Tokyo
– recognized by 2018 and 2020 EVOOLEUM World’s TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils Guide with a score of 89/100
– 4 GOCCE assigned by the famous BIBENDA
–  3 FOGLIE assigned by Gambero Rosso Extra Virgin Olive Oil Guide
– selected also by the SLOW FOOD oil guide and by the guide FLOS OLEI 2019
– it is part of the SlowFood Presidium



Phone:+39 0883 883395


76123 Andria (BT)
italian extra virgin olive oil

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Our extra virgin olive oil is never born “by chance”. It’s a result of a series of concepts, actions and aims…


It comes from olives, but not just from any olives. They are carefully selected, protected and preserved.

It comes from the winning combination of our forefathers’ knowledge with the most revolutionary innovation.

It comes from our family recipe, because an oil is not simply the result of a mechanical process: first, it comes from our heart.

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