Founded in 1990, Guayapi’s vocation is to promote the noble and traditional plants of the Global South , particularly in economically disadvantaged areas with high biodiversity (especially the Amazon and Sri Lanka).

These raw materials are obtained by observing the local populations and responding to their demand, in compliance with high fundamental criteria: organic, fair trade and biodiversity.




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Whether spicy, bitter, sweet or spicy, Guayapi products surprise our taste buds and contribute to our well-being by restoring the ecosystem.

  • Guarana – Warana from the country of origin, Slow Food Presidium
    Rich in guaranine and trace elements, Warana is a physical and cerebral energizer; helps concentration and alertness. From the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Gomphrena
    Contributes to the normal functions of the nervous system and the reduction of fatigue. It is a source of selenium (20μg / 100g), so it participates in the self care of hair and nails. From Mato Grosso, Brazil.
  • Stevia, Slow Food Presidium
    Food with sweetening power. 15 times more sugar than sugar (use 15 times less Stevia than sugar usually used). From Paraguay.
  • Kitul Sap, from Guayapi Lanka – Slow Food Presidium
    Kitul sap is a natural sweetener with a low glycemic index. From Sri Lanka.
  • Kurakkan , flowers and seeds
    Gluten-free, Kurrakan cereals contain fiber and are a source of calcium and iron. Ideal for babies, children, the elderly, nursing mothers, vegetarians and vegans. Kurrakan is a variety of Sri Lankan wild millet whose richness makes it a unique product. From Sri Lanka.

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