Giulio Cocchi: since 1891, 100% Piedmontese vermouth an spumante.

Giulio Cocchi was a young, creative Florentine pastry cook who, at the end of the 1800s, during a train trip to Turin, stopped over at Asti to report the theft of his luggage. Legend has it that Giulio fell head over heels for the daughter of the owner of one of the cafés located in nearby piazza Alfieri; apparently, the feeling was reciprocal, since the café is still known as “Il Cocchi”, and is a point of reference for the citizens of Asti.

Fascinated by the Piedmontese tradition of wine and gastronomy, Giulio Cocchi discovered that Asti was the capital of Moscato, and that it was customary to aromatize wine with herbs and spices. In 1891 he established a business there, specializing in aromatized wines and spumante, using both the Metodo Italiano for Asti DOCG and the Metodo Classico Piemontese, known today as Alta Langa DOCG. In particular, he invented original recipes for Barolo Chinato, various types of vermouth and the Aperitivo Americano, which quickly brought him success and fame. Giulio Cocchi’s idea, well ahead of its time, was to open authorized outlets where his products could be enjoyed. In 1913 there were already seven locations serving Cocchi products in Piedmont, and shortly afterwards their number grew to 12.

Since 1978, Giulio Cocchi has been owned by the Bava family, winemakers from Monferrato and Langhe, who modernized the company and laid the foundations for what has again become a cult brand around the world; the Bavas concentrated Cocchi’s production on grapes and their derivatives.

Among the achievements of the past 30 years, the revival of Barolo Chinato and the relaunch of Vermouth di Torino: in fact, the legendary Vermouth by Cocchi was the driver behind the international return of the “di Torino” appellation among the high-end vermouths. The brand has also devoted close attention to the world of quality spumante, both Metodo Italiano and Metodo Classico, and dedicated its efforts to creating and valorizing the Alta Langa DOCG appellation, which still counts Cocchi among its most active promoters.

The Cocchi style is defined by elegance and authenticity, the quality of its wines and the ingredients used, as well as a century of technical expertise, backed by creativity and passion that have never waned over the years. Nowadays, Cocchi is sold in 70 markets worldwide: in wine shops, fine restaurants and the best cocktail bars on five continents.


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