The story of our extra-virgin olive oil begins with Ugo Di Giulio, retailer and pasta maker for a living, and olive grower by passion. Our olive grove was his magic place that takes you away from the everyday life and brings you closer to the real essence of life, a life made of hard work and dedication but capable to reward any effort with authentic generosity.

Nowadays, we continue the journey started by Ugo Di Giulio with his same passion and dedication. Our farm Giardini Di Giulio has been created in 2009 in order to give a proper name to a business started fifty years ago almost for fun, but very soon become one of the most fundamental component of our days.

What does Giardini Di Giulio represent or us? Our home with a big roof that embraces us and keeps us united regardless the geographical distances that sometimes separate us.

We produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil exclusively by organic farming:

  • Monocultivar Toccolana: oil from local Toccolana variety; refined, with flavors of cardoon and artichoke
  • Monocultivar Ascolana: oil from Ascolana variety; captivating, sweet at a first tasting, then bitter and spicy




Via Municipio
65028 Tocco da Casauria (PE)

Last modified: 19 Jan 2022
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