Among the hills of the hinterland, a few steps from the sea, our saffron was born, by chance… We were walking on our family’s land, abandoned for years, when we noticed three purple flowers blooming from the ground, smiling in the spring sun. They were Crocus Vernus flowers, a variety of Crocus that made us realize the soil was suitable for the cultivation of Crocus Sativus, the only true saffron.

We immediately fell in love with these little flowers and decided to dedicate our lives to the cultivation of Crocus Sativus, the true edible saffron. And so, in the summer of 2016 we planted the first saffron bulbs, giving new life to our family’s land, which had been uncultivated for over 60 years.


Once upon a time, our valley, located in the hinterland of Genoa, was a renowned vacation spot for noble families because of its sunny and typically cool location. Here, in fact, the Ligurian sea meets the steep hills, creating mild winters.
If we add the beneficial influence of the warm Libeccio currents, a climate favorable to the cultivation of saffron is created, allowing a production of very high quality.


Our lands are far from industrial areas and main roads, so they provide a healthy agricultural environment, where crops can develop without contamination from harmful chemicals.

Our core value is “to respect the land, the environment and the rhythms of nature by growing with the sustainable organic method“.
Choosing to grow organic produce is not only a commitment to physical well-being, but also a commitment to protecting environmental biodiversity by preserving the land.


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