The Genovese Storico Cooperation project was created to enhance the Basilico Genovese PDO of the Genoa production area, historically specialized in the production of fresh basil, promoting its qualification on the market.

Directed and coordinated by the Consortium for the Protection of Basilico Genovese PDO, the goal is to make the product available for a short chain of excellence for operators of high quality catering, pastry and ice cream, which properly enhances the Basilico Genovese PDO of the consortium members of the project

  • promoting the recognizability, the qualitative perception and the gastronomic use, both as a processed ingredient and as a combination in traditional and creative dishes, in desserts and ice cream
  • adequately remunerating small producers
  • consolidating the relationship between the product and its territory of origin, Genoa and Liguria.



The historical core of the traditional cultivation of Basilico Genovese PDO originates in Genoa Pra’, on the terraced hills overlooking the sea.
Here, grown in greenhouses on natural soil, in the perfect combination of soil, spring water and microclimate, Basilico Genovese DOP finds a balance of scents and flavors that make it unique in the world. For this reason, its plants are harvested early and exclusively by hand, with an ancient, delicate and careful technique that allows to preserve the best organoleptic characteristics.


The Consortium

Genovese Storico is a Consortium that produces exclusively Basilico Genovese DOP, certified by the Public Authority designated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and is protected and promoted by the Consortium for the Protection of Basilico Genovese DOP.

Genova Pra’ is the area that has generated the historical culture and prestige of Basilico Genovese DOP: it can be said that the “heart of the DOP” beats here and that DOP /Genova – Pra’ represent an unrenounceable binomial.
Genovese Storico: a project naturally DOP.

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Phone:+39 393 9346005


Via Barberia, 2
16157 Genova (GE)
Basilico Genovese DOP in bouquets

According to the traditional manual technique every single seedling is uprooted from the ground with the whole root and harvested in bouquets of 30/100 seedlings, with the root part complete with soil protected inside a small paper bundle.
This system allows fresh basil to be used up to five days after harvesting.

The basil is first placed in bags, then in rigid packaging and shipped the same day.

  • Ideal for any preparation or finishing
  • Available in packages of 12 bouquets


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