he High Umbria is a beautiful territory that has in the heterogeneity its greatest treasure.
To the plains and to the sweet hills that make from contour to the Tiber river they are contrasted the typical roughness of the Appennino and in particular of the Park of the Cucco Mountain. To west Città di Castello, with its excellences tied up to the Renaissance, and to east Gubbio, proudly medieval city that preserve intact its ancient beauty. And then the historical centers of Gualdo Tadino, Umbertide and all the splendid villages set in a unique territory from the naturalistic point of view.

A recent promotional campaign recited “High Umbria: the green heart still beats”. In fact the enterprises of our territory work and produce gastronomic and handicraft excellences of absolute level. Pork, beef (Chianina in purity), cheeses, truffle products, honey and oil are only some of the products that characterize the very rich agro-alimentary tradition of Upper Umbria.

But not only the agro-alimentary products are of high level; in fact the gastronomic tradition is very ancient and it is still possible to taste in the restaurants, in the trattorias and in the agriturismi a kitchen made of ancient tastes in which to discover meats, spices and very tasty pastas in many cases unknown in the rest of Italy. It is a cuisine of “strong” flavors, often accompanied by mushrooms and by that wonderful gift of the earth which is the truffle.
The precious truffle is present throughout the year in the territory of Upper Umbria (Tuber magnatum pico, black precious, uncinato, scorzone, etc..) and the skill and patience of truffle hunters make it possible to enjoy the fresh product and its derivatives (sauces, oil, etc..) from January to December.

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