For more than a hundred years, we have been making great oils without exploiting nature.

The kernel of our philosophy is the pursuit of quality in full respect of the territory and the environment. We have the privilege to care for a land whose extraordinary richness provides us with all the ingredients necessary for an agricultural production of finest quality. Including energy.

As a matter of fact most of our production process is fueled by sun and olives. We recycle our olive kernels to extract precious energy combined with that from our photovoltaic systems. Similarly, our two-phase oil mill extracts the oil by only using water contained in the olives themselves, without relying on external water resources.

This is how our three oils are made, all of them being strictly of a singular variety (the local Bosana), while still carrying unique and unmistakable organoleptic properties:

  • Antichi Uliveti del Prato extra virgin olive oil
  • Denocciolato di Bosana secondo Veronelli (a pitted olive oil)
  • Maccia d’Agliastru extra virgin olive oil

True family jewels, equally acclaimed by both the press and consumers, winning recognition along with the most prestigious awards.

With the same conscientious approach and identical qualitative results we devote ourselves to the other products of our brand: our preserves, our wines – Àgale, our PDO Vermentino di Sardegna – and Okila – our PDO Cannon di Sardegna, our bread and our pasta (the latter two protagonists of the dedicated brand Eticalimenta). All natural. All genuinely Sardinian. All produced in full respect of the land that makes them possible. Because the only impact we wish to have is on the hearts of those who choose us. Literally.

That’s why, over the last few years, we have been giving the pomace of our olives to the pharmaceutical industry, which extracts active ingredients that play a significant role in fighting various cardiac diseases.


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italian extra virgin olive oil

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