De Tacchi is a still operating Venetian farming company where the rice is grown since 1570, i.e. since its cultivation was introduced in the Venetian countryside.

Today we still focus on growing the crops typical of this area and our goal is to protect and hand down the quality and the tradition of rare Italian products, some of which are protected as Slow Food Presidia:

  • Vialone Nano Rice – Slow Food Presidium
  • Biancoperla Corn – Slow Food Presidium
  • Maranello Corn – Ancient local variety
  • Carnaroli Rice – Classic risotto rice

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Phone:+39 0495995067


Via Garibaldi, 54
35010 Gazzo (PD)
grumolo delle abbadesse rice

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biancoperla corn

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Explore our products on the Foodscovery online marketplace.

Visit our online shop, you will discover our different rices and also polenta flours, gluten free corn pastas and craft beers made in collaboration with Ofelia Brewery.

For online orders from Italy, use the code TERRAMADRE to get an immediate 5% discount. To know where to get De Tacchi products outside of Italy, please contact us at:

Last modified: 19 Jan 2022
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