Producers of Barolo and the great wines of the Langhe, in Serralunga d’Alba. Born in 1858 from the love story between the King of Italy, Vittorio Emanuele II, and Rosa Vercellana. We have always been a community, joined by respect for the land, and today we have 120 hectares of organic crops that frame Italy’s first Storytelling Village.

We are lucky enough to live in a place that is unique, and it is our duty to take care of it. Today in the cellar, there is talk of a complete renewal, a Green Renaissance, a  comparison of two different periods: 500 years ago, and today. Changing the scenario and our values while maintaining the same results: a rebirth, to change and renew. Renewal, as we intend it, means making the land the centre of everything again. This is our goal, with a view to creating a big international community built on trust in others. And we are going to achieve that goal with wine, green wine. Green inside, because it is sustainable, but green outside too. Starting in the vineyard, respect for the land, a way of being and thinking, which has resulted in 120 hectares of organic crops, and continuing in the cellar, where, for years now, we have reduced the impact of sulphur dioxide on our wines, bringing it under the limit, and preferred spontaneous fermentation, without the addition of selected industrial yeasts.

Our wine tells you who we are, from Barolo to Alta Langa, bearing all the principles and values that we believe in. We use exclusively oak barrels to age our noble red wines, as required by tradition. While more innovative solutions enable us to produce our white wines and Alta Langa in the best way possible.

Green means much more to us than organic wine, it represents a philosophy and an approach to everything within and around it. All the elements we choose for our wines are healthy, natural and respectful. From the glass, which is 85% recycled and can be used and reused into infinity, to our corks, which are of plant origin and are recyclable and sustainable, through to the labels, boxes and wood, much of which is FSC, PEFC certified, helping to fight the deforestation of our planet. In the Fontanafredda Village, even mobility is sustainable. Our forklifts are completely electric and, from the 2012 grape harvest, we will be using the first Renewable Natural Gas-fuelled tractors. We make conscious use of water, collected in our lake and purified with the help of the plant-based purification system in the Village, so that it can be used and reused time and time again. By 2022, all of Fontanafredda Village’s power will be generated by solar panels on the cellar buildings, reducing the environmental impact of our activity to zero.

Here in the “village” of Fontanafredda, which is open to visitors every day of the year and where entire families have lived and worked for generations, You can experience the discovery of the great wines of the Langhe, enjoying our 4-star hospitality and sampling traditional haute-cuisine.





Via Alba, 15
12050 Serralunga d'Alba (CN)

Fontanafredda, a village of 120 hectares of organic vineyards, where respect for the land becomes respect for people.

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Last modified: 06 Dec 2021
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