The estate around the Venetian Villa de Claricini Dornpacher is located in the Municipality of Moimacco, not far from Cividale del Friuli.

Our twelve-hectare vineyard extends mostly around the walls of the seventeen-century villa and partly on the hills of Rubignacco (Cividale). The wine we produce is the result of the great work we put into ensuring the vines enjoy the best natural conditions. We help our plants to defend themselves and find in the ground all the nourishment they need to thrive. Overtime, the vineyard changes its appearance to reflect the complexity of the natural systems, to reflect life.

We plant and cultivate our cereals and pulses in an organic oasis of over 150 hectares. We entrust each single seed to the soil, who maternally nourishes and takes care of it until it is time to harvest, saving part of the crop for the next sowing time. Our cereals and flour are the expression of the identity of our land, just like our wines.

The most important aspect of our work is preserving the soil’s vitality and we do this in different ways. We work respecting its structure, we keep it productive with different species of plants between one seeding and the next, we use natural extracts and infusions and vegetable humus, we seed our fields and our vineyards with plants typical of the area, essential for the health of the ground.

Each of our protective and loving gestures turn into colours and tastes, and you can enjoy them in our wine and our food.