The Fior Rosso di Zeriul Adriana farm has been producing since 1823, with passion and love, extra virgin olive oil of the native variety Bianchera, a typical cultivar of San Dorligo della Valle, in the province of Trieste.

The oil of the Bianchera enjoys the highest consideration for its quality, taste and purity. Its organoleptic characteristics are:

  • on the nose: medium intense herbaceous fruitiness with hints of artichoke, almond and tomato
  • on the palate: bitter and spicy sensation. Suitable for Mediterranean and continental cuisine.

The extra virgin olive oil Fior Rosso, whose excellence is certified by numerous awards and recognitions, comes from our own plants and is addressed directly to the consumer.

The extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality is indicated for the nutrition of children, the elderly and sportsmen. Easily digestible, it is a precious ally of our health: it protects against cardiovascular diseases, is a key food in the diet of diabetics, helps to prevent various types of cancer and has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal and nervous system. It is a fundamental food of the Mediterranean diet, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage of Umanity.


Phone:+39 338 9186872 / +39 339 6013695 / +39 348 6183054


Località Aquilinia, 420
34018 San Dorligo della Valle (TS)

Last modified: 24 Jan 2022
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