Amerino Cottòra Fava Bean

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The inhabitants of the area around Terni, Amelia and Orvieto, known as Amerino, have long maintained that their fava beans are easier to cook and digest than other types.

The ecotype is known as Cottòra because of its fast cooking time (“cotto” means cooked in Italian), and has been selected over the generations by local growers.

The area’s soil is clayey rather than chalky, meaning the beans can be cooked without being peeled.
The Cottòra fava beans are excellent served simply with extra-virgin olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh onion.

The broad bean is picked in the summer, between June and July. The dried beans are available year-round.


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Località Collicello di Amelia
05022 Amelia (TR)

Last modified: 18 Aug 2022
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