Fatulì, which means “small piece” in dialect, is made with raw milk from a native goat breed, the Bionda dell’Adamello.

The breed is native to the area around the Adamello massif, especially the Saviore Valley, and the Valcamonica. The goats are of medium size and have coats ranging in color from pale brown to blond.

Their milk is processed once a day to produce Fatulì cheeses, which are then laid on grates and smoked over burning juniper branches and berries. Timings and methods vary from producer to producer. The cheese is typically small and cylindrical with flat sides. The rind, darker or lighter depending on the level of smoking, shows the characteristic grooves left from the grates. Aging lasts from one to six months.


Phone:+39 338 8897811


Valle Camonica (BS)

The Presidium was founded with the aim of giving visibility to a product deeply rooted in the agricultural tradition of the Saviore Valley, and whose future is linked to the safeguarding and revival of the Bionda dell’Adamello breed. Only by saving the cheese and the goat will it be possible to preserve a local economy based on farming and cheesemaking, of vital importance for the local area.

Production area
Camonica Valley, Brescia Province

The production period is from spring through to late autumn.


Le Frise di Luigi Martini, Artogne (Bs) località Rive dei Balti 12, tel. +39 0364 598298; +39 338 8897811, info@lefrise.it

Federico Maffeis, Cevo (Bs), località Pozzuolo 1, tel. +39 0364 634659; +39 328 1012384; +39 329 9353127

Prestello di Barbara Bontempi, Prestine (Bs), via Prestello, tel. +39 0364 300834; +39 349 3645047, agricola.prestello@tiscali.it


The Adamello Park organizes visits to the Presidium’s alpine pastures. For more information, please visit the website
or write to info@parcoadamello.it

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