The mountain farm Luigi Faleschini is located at 700 meters above sea level, in the alpine valley Valcanale of Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, land of the “three borders” (Austria, Slovenia and Italy) in the municipality of Malborghetto-Valbruna (UD).

Since 1990, the year of the beginning of the activity, fertile soils are cultivated with passion, from late spring to autumn, for the production of vegetables, ancient fruits and small fruits, with controlled and certified organic methods. In cold tunnels are cultivated the most demanding crops in terms of heat, using only sunlight as a natural source of warming.

Organic fertilization, crop rotations with various botanical families, mechanical and manual tilling, the use of natural products to control the main parasites and diseases, green manure of mixed essences to improve soil fertility, are the tools used for the organic production of fruit and vegetables, respecting the environment and the rich surrounding ecosystem.

The seasonal harvest is used in the food laboratory of the farm, located in Pontebba (UD) for the production of various products such as compotes, preserves, syrups, pickles, sweet and sour, sweet and savory creams, practically “zero kilometer”.

In the stable meadows and clearings of Valcanale grow spontaneously various “alimurgic” herbs, excellent for culinary use. These wild herbs are harvested by hand and also transformed into food preparations such as vegetable creams, pickles and sweet and sour. Among the mountain herbs from spontaneous harvesting that are transformed in the farm, there are bear garlic (Allium orsinum),  mountain garlic (Allium victorialis), dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), silene or sclopit (Silene vulgaris), as it is called in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, and Radìc di mont (Cicerbita alpina), a famous Slow-Food presidium typical of the Friulian mountains.


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