The farm Fabio Benvenuto, born in 2012 in the territory of Valfontabuona (Liguria region) has recovered an old hazelnut grove in a state of semi-abandonment. After the cleaning and the putting into production, thanks to the C.C.I.A.A. of Genoa, the certification of the production and marketing of the Chiavari Mixed Hazelnuts takes place.

The peculiarity of these hazelnuts, cultivated in the Fontanabuona, Graveglia and Sturla valleys, consists in the diversity and heterogeneity of the fruits as a set of 8 different cultivars. Their combination makes a unique product, both from the point of view of chemical and physical characteristics, as well as organoleptic properties.

The main activity of production, collection, distribution of Hazelnuts Mixed Chiavari is flanked by the production of honey and other products of the hive.

The main philosophy of the company is based on the sustainability of the territory and of the production: the micro-production, which amounts to a few quintals of product per year, is performed without the use of pesticides, setting the cultivation with virtuous and natural agronomic techniques. The same fertilizers used are all of animal origin.


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