East Luwu Pepper (or Lada Luwu Timur) is grown only in Kabupaten East Luwu, one of the regencies in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. East Luwu Pepper is grown in two varieties, white and black.

The cultivation of the East Luwu Pepper in the island of South Sulawesi began in the 1930s, more precisely in the east coast of Lake Towuti by the Luwu Raya community. Since then the production of East Luwu Pepper has grown extensively and has been traded internationally. The East Luwu regency recorded a total production of 4,324 tons per year with a total area of 5,872 ha dedicated to the cultivation of pepper. Within the East Luwu Regency, Towuti has the most extensive cultivation of pepper.

Local pepper farmers in the East Luwu Regency have been using maruttung, a technique for the propagation and germination of the pepper. It aims to optimize the production by immersing the pepper stems in the ground.

The taste profile of East Luwu Pepper is attributed to the natural environment, soil and climate where the peppers are cultivated and processed.

Masyarakat Perlindungan Indikasi Geografis (MPIG) Lada Luwu Timur is the official GPI lodger of East Luwu Pepper. MPIG Lada Luwu Timur represents 182 farmers group and local cooperatives, which consist of over 5,200 individual farmers, seed breeders, processors, members of cooperatives and traders.


The participation of East Luwu Pepper to Terra Madre is sponsored by ARISE+ Indonesia, a technical assistance programme funded by the European Union that aims to strengthen the capacity of government institutions and stakeholders on a wide range of areas within international trade, private sector competitiveness and business environment.

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Phone:+62 852 556 468 76, +62 8222 1 44 44 27


Mr Muh Daling, Secretary, MPIG Lada Luwu Timur, Jl. Bukit Indah No. 2
Kecamatan Towuti (Sulawesi Selatan)

Last modified: 22 Jan 2022
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