DOK Dall'Ava - Prosciuttai dal 1955

Our ham is a simply luxury food.

Our history
In 1955 began Natalino Dall’Ava his adventure in Sossano (Vi) in one of the first ham factories at that time property of Muraro family. In a short time he was held in high esteem and he was sent to San Daniele to manage the works to build the first industrial ham factory in the area that he would have later started up (King’s). In that period (1959-1961) only around 15.000 hams were produced each year.

In 1964 he married Ms. Paola Bernardinis from Majano, deciding in that way to create his own family in Friuli. In 1965 his first son Carlo was born and afterwards the two other daughters, Lucia and Sonia.  In 1969 he was called from a group of industrials of Triveneto: he left the starting company and contributed to create the biggest ham factory of that period (Daniel ipta) that became in a short time a market leader.

But Natalino had a dream: to found his own ham factory. In 1977 connecting his competence with the inborn skills of his wife Paola, the first Trote Dolce Fumo were born (practically the first dried smoked trouts), followed by the Dindo Speck, wild boar ham and so on… From these experiments started up some companies that are today market leaders. In 1982 Natalino made the real jump: he worked on his own renting one of the oldest  ham factories in the town of San Daniele (prosciutto di San Daniele SpA) where he founded the DOK Dall’Ava. In that year, his son Carlo decided to leave school and to take part in the company to learn the job live.

In 1988, after the big slump after Cernobyl, all companies were concentrated on finding new markets and Natalino,  basing himself on an old idea of Carlo and his family, created the first Prosciutteria in the world: this is a place where the ham is not just a simple appetizer but becomes the absolute protagonist of the meal, together with house-made pasta, vegetables and sweets. In this way,  in the following years the pasta-factory and the cooking-factory DOK Dall’Ava were set up.

In 2005 there was the generational crossing, as the most of the Triveneto family-companies did.  The tradition was handed down from Natalino to the son Carlo. Carlo, full of enthusiasm, after few months, set up the works to build the new ham factory. The project of it has been developed for years by Natalino and Carlo and was finally realized in 2006 in a record time. This is a vanguard factory in the world of ham factories because only the best technologies have been used to create artificially the natural climate that Natalino found in San Daniele in 1960, when hams were produced only according to the seasons: “the best technologies at tradition’s disposal”.

The present and plan for the future
Today the DOK Dall’Ava produces in the new ham factory about 35.000 hams of San Daniele PDO, all labeled with the union’s brand with number 10. In the company you can find the first “Prosciutto learning center” of the world, where everyone can come to learn everything about how to produce, cut and eat a ham. Our aim is to keep on investing in research on quality: thanks to this attitude to enhancement we have always obtained excellent results and European-wide level acknowledgments.

For sure,  the interest will be addressed also towards the pig-breeding and as soon as possible the company will provide a own breeding of wild pigs, as we are convinced that 50% of quality comes from the raw material.


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