Deliba | Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For two generations we have dedicated ourselves to the cultivation of our centuries-old olive groves that give us the precious olives that we transform into delicious Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is a family storu and, most of all, a family passion.


What does DELIBA mean?

Deliba is none other than the third person singular of the present indicative of the verb delibare. From the Latin “delibare”; to taste, to savor small samples of food and drinks with graceful ways. Take a small part to offer it to the deity. The term Deliba encompasses what is the meaning of our mission, that is to offer a special and unique product to our customers.
Not only that. Through the Deliba brand we want to convey our way of life. Deliba is, indeed, an invitation to conviviality, to sharing.

Even just the simple gesture of seasoning slices of bread with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil with friends or family is something very strong for us peoples of the Mediterranean who live conviviality as a fundamental element of our culture. Therefore, with the term “deliba” we try to translate the simplicity of our way of life and the genuineness of our products. It is no coincidence that our motto is: Eat well and stay well (eat well to stay well). The principles of the Mediterranean Diet are the basis of our life experience.


We are located in Southern Tyrrhenian Calabria, in Molochio (RC), a village of just over two thousand souls, defined as “the country of longevity” as it has one of the highest percentages of centenarians in the world.

We are on the edge of the Aspromonte National Park, in an uncontaminated area where it is still possible to admire the art of farmers in modeling the territory. Our company covers 40 hectares on a single body, more than 80% is terraced. The terraces are real works of peasant art.

Longevity, as well as the uncontaminated territory, are the peculiarities that characterize the area where our company stands.


Phone:+39 388 36 81 126


Via Milano, 40
89010 Molochio (RC)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Ottobratico

Bright golden green. Rich to the nose with notes of fields balm and sage and a touch of yellow cherry tomato and fresh-cut chicory. A first delicate sensation of toasted hazelnut and ripe aubergine to the taste, followed by a pervasive finale with a touch of turmeric.

EVOO & Food pairing: the Ottobratico monocultivar is a medium fruity, with a well-balanced, bitter and spicy flavour that adds a unique depth to the dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine.
This EVOO is brilliant on fresh vegetable dishes, such as cream soups and minestrone, a rich thick vegetable soup. It is ideal also on anything grilled, specifically grilled fish, crustacean, poultry, and delicate red meat.


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Sinopolese

Green with golden shades. Fresh to the nose with a recall of vegetable notes of fresh-cut grass and radicchio trevigiano. Pervasive to the taste, still very vegetal with a bitter scent of cardoon and spinach. A surprising spice hint of ginger, very pleasant.

EVOO & Food pairing: the Sinopolese monocultivar is a light fruity, with a very delicate taste. Its gentle notes tending to sweet and a light spiciness make it ideal for preparing dishes more appealing to children.
This EVOO goes well on poultry meat, such as rabbit and chicken, or green salads, such as lettuce and valerian. It is also brilliant on steamed fish, deep-fried fish platters and seafood salads. The Sinopolese EVOO is excellent on pumpkin risotto and basil pesto.

Last modified: 23 May 2022
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