Oil Masters since 1600, owners of the Casa degli Olii in the historic center of Bitritto, the De Carlo Family has been dedicated to the cultivation of their olive trees for generations.

The De Carlo company, located in Apulia, exactly in Bitritto, a small town far 10 km from Bari, has got ​​120 hectares, where are planted approximately 28.000 olive trees, hence its different oil selections labels are produced. Alongside its oil production, the De Carlo company created a line of tasty vegetables preserved in extra-virgin olive oil, respecting their season.

The De Carlo company supports a policy based on the advantages of the short supply chain, because it allows producers and consumers to pursue a common goal: the quality of food and therefore a good, clean and fair diet for all. The production of the De Carlo company is a zero impact production, respecting the territory and protecting the health and the environment, in fact we use the Drip Irrigation system to irrigate our olive groves, as it allows us to obtain a very high quality oil, limiting water waste.

Another value of fundamental importance for the De Carlo Family is the union between innovation and tradition, which is constantly renewed by purchasing technologically advanced systems.

We are particularly careful to create a synergical network of relationships with the producers of our area, jointly pursuing the common goal of growth, not only of individual producers, but of the entire Apulian olive oil sector.

Thanks to the values ​​ above mentioned, the De Carlo Company enhances the authenticity of Apulian peasant gastronomy, offering high quality products at the right price, for those who choose to eat right and consciously.

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Phone:+39 080 630767


via XXIV Maggio, 54/B
70020 Bitritto (Bari / Italia)
italian extra virgin olive oil

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