Azienda agricola Salvatore d’Amico is one of the most ancient wineries of Salina island and it is a small family business which operates in the small village of Leni.

Family memories allow us to reconstruct the history of the winery over three generations: grandfather Antonino Divola started this activity at the beginning of the 1900’s, making it the first winery in Valdichiesa.
After his death in 1964, it was continued by his daughters Nunzia and Grazia. In 1972 Nunzia and her husband Raffaele d’Amico, provided for the renovation of the current winery in an ancient Aeolian house in Leni and enrolled the vineyards at number 8 in the DOC Malvasia delle Lipari list.
In the same year his son Salvatore d’Amico, passionate about wine making and expert in the traditions of the island, decided to take care of the family business.

In 1976 he completed many “experiments” with the help of his grandfather’s precious old manuscripts and thanks to the experience acquired by his parents. This allowed him to produce a Malvasia, renowned sweet wine, of very high level and to relaunch the activity with the new name of Salvatore d’Amico organic farm.

The winery, subjected to ICEA control for the EEC Regulation about organic farming, besides vineyards owns about 12 hectares of land cultivated as olive grove, caper and orchard.
From the pressing of olives at the company’s oil mill is produced an excellent extra virgin olive oil; capers, harvested according to the traditional method and known as Capers of Salina (Slow Food Presidium), are among the most valuable of the Mediterranean; the orchard provides the traditional fruit of the island.

The two important pillars that inspire and make Salvatore d’Amico proud are tradition, which has lasted for over three generations and is now almost a century old, and the high quality of the products.


Phone:+39 339 5098292


Via Libertà, 27
98050 Leni (ME)
salina caper

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Last modified: 23 May 2022
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