Cooperativa di Comunità dei Sibillini

The Cooperativa di Comunità dei Sibillini is a newly established cooperative that aims to develop the mountain territory through the involvement of local actors to accompany them in a process of community building.

Since 2016 the territory related to the Cooperative is the object of a rapid transformation following the earthquake that has accelerated some processes of depopulation of the mountain area but has generated new forms of collaboration inside the Community. In this context, the Cooperative intends to position itself as a subject able to create services whose advantage is not only of the members but which has positive effects on the territory.

In particular, the main areas are essentially:

  • The management of tourist reception services, the local integrated tourist offer and the organization of collateral activities for guests and visitors.
  • The identification and construction of tourist products that can be traced back to the territory of reference, enhancing in an integrated way the local resources with attention to the historical, architectural and cultural specificities and the products of the local biodiversity of agriculture and local crafts, events and traditions of the local community.
  • The marketing of members’ products to be developed throughout the national territory and abroad also through a Food Truck or a mobile store to make the products of the Sibillini known even in the most distant territories.

Here are some examples of services related to tourism: mountain bike rental with assisted pedaling for walks in the Sibillini Mountains; setting up and management of campsites and equipped rest areas; SUP and canoes rental, 9-seater rental without driver for tourist facilities or private citizens.

Our reality collaborates with local restaurateurs and hoteliers, producers but also associations and local authorities.




Via Trento, 11
63088 Montemonaco (AP)