The Convivia company was born in Sicily, on the slopes of the Etna volcano, from Pietro’s desire to make known, even beyond national borders, the tradition of good and high quality Sicilian food.

Sicilians are always looking for new opportunities to share dishes cooked with care and love for their friends: this passion and this convivial joy are the deepest feelings at the origin of the whole project, not only the inspirational idea for the name of the brand.

Pietro immersed himself into the roots of his Sicilian land, starting exactly from what it is generously given to those who cultivate it with Love: tomatoes, basil, wild fennel, chilli peppers and almonds are the precious fruits in which you can find the taste of the sun and the sea of ​​Sicily.

His search for good, clean and high quality food pushed Pietro to create only certified organic, gluten-free and vegan products, prepared with raw materials of exclusively Sicilian origin, mostly grown on the family farm. The vegetables are chosen personally by the full experienced eyes of Pietro and of the ladies who takes care of the production, still made according in compliance with the typical recipes of the Sicilian tradition (and, in particular, of Pietro’s grandmothers).

Using only extra virgin olive oil, the products are made only during the seasonality of the raw materials collected, therefore, in the period of full ripeness, when they are full of tastes and flavors. The exclusive use of fresh and organic vegetables grown under the Sicilian sun characterizes Convivia products, whose naturalness and authenticity can be felt from the first taste.

The love for traditions that characterize our products is balanced by a modern, minimalist and captivating packaging, based on transparency, in order to make the colors of the raw materials the only real protagonists of the jar.


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Via Giuseppe Simili, 74

Quality, simplicity and tradition are the true secret ingredients of Convivia products, which enclose the authentic essence of the Sicilian land and, with it, the memory of the genuine convivial joy of Sunday lunches that has always characterized Pietro’s childhood.

The production plant is structured with modern and cutting-edge technologies, which allow us to meet high quality standards in all the production processes, without abandoning the craftsmanship of the recipes.

Last modified: 24 May 2022
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