The Morozzo Capon is a cockerel that is surgically castrated before reaching sexual maturity and slaughtered at an age of at least 220 days; after castration it is fattened for at least 77 days.
The breed used for the production of this traditional capon is the Morozzo Nostrana (a local breed). Its morphological characteristics are the shiny and colorful plumage, which is a synonym for good health, the small orange yellow head, the fat yellow skin and a variable weight between 2 and 3 Kg.

The Morozzo Capon was among the first products to be named a Presidium by Slow Food in 1999, to save and promote its excellent quality and support the small economy of a village that has always tied its name to this animal and to the winter fair.

According to tradition and as guaranteed by the strict protocol of the Consortium, capons are bred free in the farmyards or in corrals with at least 5 m² per animal and they are exclusively fed with vegetable products. All farmers in the Consortium, respectful of the recent legislation on animal welfare, no longer cut the combs and wattles as they were traditionally doing in the past.

The real Morozzo Capon is guaranteed by an immovable identification metal ring on its foot and by a tag with the information about the breeder. Both are numbered.


Phone: +39 349 0712309 / +39 339 1717967


Via Bongioanni 4
12040 Morozzo (CN)
morozzo capon

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Some pictures of the Morozzo Capons in the farmyards

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