Franciacorta is the first Italian wine to be produced exclusively by bottle fermentation to have obtained, in 1995, the Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (DOCG). Today, the word Franciacorta identifies the area, the wine itself and the production method, which complies with strict and scrupulous rules intended to certify the absolute quality of this Italian excellence.

The area known as Franciacorta lies in the heart of Lombardy, a stone’s throw from Milan, bordering Iseo Lake. Its approximately 200 square kilometers include 19 municipalities in the province of Brescia.

The origin of the name Franciacorta goes back to long time ago and is related to an enigma that still today inspires our imagination. The most credible hypothesis is that it comes from “franchae curtes” or free courts. It is believed that after the arrival of Cluniac monks in the eleventh century and their construction of a monastery in San Pietro in Lamosa (a structure that still exist today), this area was declared to be exempt from duties.


The Franciacorta Consortium

The Franciacorta Consortium is the body that guarantees and assesses compliance with the regulations governing the production of Franciacorta wines.
The Consortium’s activity covers several areas: from the safeguarding of the brand and the designation area to the promotion of the product through continuous work on the production rulebook; from informing the consumer to the promotion of Franciacorta as a region, a wine and a production method.

The Franciacorta Consortium is committed to give life to a viticulture which is balanced with the environment.
The guiding principle of the strategy is an environmental sustainability, which evaluates the immediate and future effects of each intervention on the territory both from an environmental and economic point of view, in order to optimize production while respecting resources and favoring the choice of environmentally friendly materials and, when possible, renewable energy


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