Consorzio Di Tutela Olio Dop Riviera Ligure

The Consortium for the Protection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Riviera Ligure, a non-profit organization, includes olive growers, oil millers and packers operating in Liguria, all registered in the control system of the oil Riviera Ligure PDO.

The main tasks of the Consortium are the enhancement, promotion and market supervision of the protected designation of origin, which it accomplishes through these main activities:

  • the definition and application of a Patto di Filiera (supply chain pact) that supports good practices in the production, processing and packaging of the product
  • approval of labels
  • issuing of collars
  • the supervision carried out by taking samples at points of sale to monitor the product that has obtained the Riviera Ligure DOP certification.


Production chain

In particular, the path of the chain is fully traced and meets a strict production specification. The certification of the product is carried out by a control body appointed by MIPAAF and guarantees the consumer the origin, traceability and quality of the product. Each bottle, in fact, bears a numbered label issued by the Consortium which monitors the market by taking samples at points of sale.

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