Rossano Sweet Olive Community

Our Community, including both producers and enthusiasts, has the intent to protect and enhance the Cultivar of the Rossano Sweet Olive and the quality oil, but also to make more deeply known a territory rich in biodiversity.

Brief historical notes
Tradition attributes to the Basilian monks of the Eastern Church the realization of centuries-old olive groves in the town of Rossano and in neighboring municipalities, consisting of the sweet variety of Rossano.
Until the sixteenth century there is no evidence of the presence of land specializing in olive growing in the Cosentino: the olive tree, although present, was often associated with other crops such as mulberry and vine. During the Middle Ages, the spread of olive growing in Calabria, as throughout the South, was in fact slow and uncertain.

However, the sixteenth century is characterized by an awakening of the Calabrian agricultural economia, which marks the beginning of the greater spread of olive cultivation because of the tax exemption that will enjoy the cultivation until the first decades of the seventeenth century, and the very low cost of table olives that have ensured widespread consumption, especially among the less well-off classes. Today olive growing is widespread on a good part of the province’s territory, especially in the Plain of Sybaris, on the Ionian pre-silane hills, in the pre-Pollinic belt and in the middle valley of Crati


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