Compagnia Dei Caraibi


We select in an exclusive manner, travelling around the world looking for the best drinking expressions which have a big history and convey emotions.

We are creators who rediscover antique formulae and bring them to life again, bringing back tradition to contemporaneity

We are fluent in all the languages of the spirit, with a continuously evolving selection of products.

We have been at the service of the finest drinking for six generations. Our history is made of taste for discovery, timeless research, and efforts invested in both self-improvement and the world around us.

We want our signature to ensure the maximum guarantee of quality for all the people we deal with.

Our work ethic determines our honesty, fairness, and sharing our values: because of this ethic, a glance still counts, the words and our ability to listen play a great role with our customers; we want to establish a relationship based upon dialogue, discovery and mutual enchantment.

We contribute to create beauty as added value to both  individuals and society, preserving the world we live in and sharing those values that improve the quality of people’s life.


Phone:+39 0125 791104


Via Ribes, 3
10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO)