Città Metropolitana di Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria, the land of the senses


The Metropolitan City of Reggio Calabria is the land of the senses. It satisfies the scent of citrus groves and enchants the view of the panoramas. The sound of the woods then reconciles with the world, as well as the possibility of touching a thousand-year history that represents nourishment for the mind.

What the territory offers is real, like the sun that for most of the year illuminates a territory waiting to be discovered. And what about its food? A cure for the soul. To tell the food and wine tradition of this corner of Calabria is impossible to ignore the products of excellence that the territory expresses: bergamot, an essential ingredient of perfumery around the world, the oranges of San Giuseppe and the sweet annona, tropical fruit that has found in this land its natural habitat, the Slow Food Presidia of the territory as some varieties of oil included in the national presidium Italian extra virgin olive oil, Capicollo Azze Anca and Caciocavallo Ciminà.

And then the sea, with the traditional catch of anchovies, garfish, ribs, sardines, spatula and swordfish, mainly from the Costa Viola. This land, once called Enotria – in Greek “land of wine” – is still today a place used for the production of many Doc, Docg and Igt wines, with a rich taste and archaic hints, such as the intense and scented Palizzi, the Bivongi of ancient origin, the Pellaro which comes from the sunny vineyards south of Reggio Calabria, the Greco di Bianco, among the most ancient wines of Italy, certainly the one of which there is the oldest historical evidence. Finally, the typical sweets: from homemade ice cream to mostaccioli, from susumelle to stomatico, a triumph of sugar to pamper the palate.

Reggio Calabria is a territory that is not visited, but lived!



Piazza Italia
89123 Reggio Calabria (RC)