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Benedetta Cipriano Farm is a small family-run business at Piedimonte Matese, in the heart of Matese Regional Park, a beautiful natural reserve on the mountains of Campania region. The olive groves take up about 35.000 square meters, almost totally dedicated to the local cultivar Tonda del Matese.

This olive variety is remarkably rich in Squalene, an organic compound useful as to reduce the production of free radicals, that’s why our oil is not only good to taste but healthy too. Thanks to a mild weather, a good soil, the harvest made at the right maturation time, a short transition from harvesting and extraction, a regular storage, the organoleptic qualities of this olive can arise at their best in Koinè extra virgin olive oil.

A unique flavor, a low acidity, the preservable character and a clear fruity sensation make our oil a genuine representative of a land rich in traditions, history and distinctiveness.


Phone:+39 3337475820


Via Pigna Pioppetelli, 23
81016 Piedimonte Matese (CE)
italian extra virgin olive oil

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