The town of Giarratana, in the Iblei mountains, has long been known for the production of large, extraordinarily sweet onions. The bulbs have a slightly squashed shape and brownish-white skin.

The flesh is white and flavorful, without pungency. The onions normally weigh around 500 grams each, but can reach up to 2 kilos.

After harvesting, the bulbs are left to dry in the fields for a week and then stored in dry, airy rooms.



Harvest in July and August and is available year-round in preserved products.


Phone:+39 0932 976992 / +39 333 2694009


Area di produzione Comune di Giarratana
provincia di Ragusa ()
giarratana onion

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Giarratana onions feature in many traditional recipes from the province of Ragusa, like flatbreads stuffed with tomatoes and onion (scàcce), grilled onions and stuffed onions with spices.
Given their large size, they are often used as a container in which to serve the prized Cottoia fava beans from the Modican plateau.

The Presidium wants to help producers to improve the storage of their onions so that they can be used and sold for longer periods, and encourage them to find new ways of adding value by making preserves and other products.



Enzo Caruso e Di Pietro Rosanna, Giarratana (Rg), Via Pietro Novellini 7, Tel. +39 3391954892,

Green Art, di Emanuele Dipasquale, Giarratana (Rg), Via Nino Bixio 61, Cel. + 39 333 8494599 /+ 39 338 2941313,

Salvatore Noto e Febronia Fagone, Giarratana (Rg) Via Aldo Moro 3, Tel. +39 333 2694009,,
– In addition to fresh onions, Salvatore Noto produces preserves made from Giarratana onions: onions in oil and in sweet and sour sweet and sour onions, onions and albacore tuna, onion cream.

Damiano Pignato, Giarratana (Rg), Strada comunale di Buccheri 5, Tel. +39 320 4023907,

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