Chiamami Quando Piove - Valori

Innovative winery rooted in one of the best enological areas of Abruzzo, the Teramo Hills, Chiamami quando piove – Valori owns 14 hectares in the villages of Sant’Omero and Controguerra. Quality and authenticity of products, continuous technical research, focus on environmental sustainability are our DNA.

Founded by Luigi Valori in 1996, it produces 125,000 bottles for a total of 5 labels, including fresh wines and reserves, in which the native Abruzzi varieties predominate, with a significant exception…

The utmost respect for viticulture and agriculture inspired the company claim: Chiamami quando piove – “call me with the rain”, i.e. when you can’t work in the vineyard – means giving the right space to the time of nature and that of man, to work as to human relationships.

Our vision is based on the commitment to research and integrate skills, innovation and love for the territory to promote innovative organic agriculture that combines the best of tradition and cutting-edge technologies, to guarantee its customers healthy and safe products; to the environment, the least polluting methods.

We believe in an agriculture that, before being organic, is sustainable for the environment, for the community and for the market and that funds its daily work on scientific research to achieve better efficiency, yields and environmental protection. Our scope it to contribute through excellent products to the spread of a sustainable lifestyle.




Via Torquato al Salinello
64020 Sant'Omero (TE)

The company, located at Sant’Omero – a production area of excellence for the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC of the province of Teramo, as well as the only regional DOCG – boasts 26 hectares of vineyards in the municipalities of Controguerra and Sant’Omero, characterized by a hilly position at the foot of the Gran Sasso and the proximity to the Adriatic Sea.

These are medium sandy soils, poor in nutrients but rich in minerals which, by forcing the vines to the limit of cultivation, are able to generate grapes of great quality and balance, in which phenolic maturity is pushed to the maximum. This is Valori’s philosophy of life and work: the principle that the vineyard, like man, needs to suffer to give its best.

To viticulture – and to agriculture in general – man must dedicate himself to it all, being almost devoted to it, fully embracing its rhythms. From this concept comes Luigi’s approach to an integrated and conscious agriculture, which respects the environment, follows and adapts to its rhythms more than to those of consumption and only according to those defines its priorities.

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