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Centonze organic extra virgine olive oil has a story to be told. It is the synthesis of ancient origins, which find their flowering in the Mediterranean to reach us today, guardians of a millenary oil.

The present cannot be understood without its past. That is why by telling you about our roots, it is a bit like taking a trip back in time, through the history of a civilization that showed us the extraordinary olive tree: l’ancient Greek civilization. Since 5,000 BC, In Asia Minor and Syria the olive tree was esteemed a tree with noble properties. The oil that was extracted at that time was only used for preserving food and mainly as fuel to illuminate and heat houses and cities. It was the new light that the Greeks would have brought to the colonized sites, up to Sicily, to the magnificent Selinunte – where our farm Case di Latomie would one day come into existence.

Since 1953, the company has been weaving its production lines within this area of extraordinary historical and scenic interest. The Latomie, are ancient 800 BC quarries of limestone tuff, where the Greeks left evidence after a secular extraction of  large blocks of this material used for the construction of Selinunte. This area is identified as one of the very first in the Mediterranean where olive growing took place. Hence the presence of monumental trees that blend with the tuff rock, giving rise to exceptional morphologies, still under study.

It still seems as if you can breathe an ancient atmosphere, where the culture of the past re-emerges from the traces left in the tuff by the Greek stonemasons, enhanced by the passion of Centonze family that has always kept vigil over everything, so that it can be enjoyed and appreciated, allowing the deepest essence of this past history to transpire from every single drop of magical oil.


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