The Castagna family has been committed to the research, selection and refinement of cheeses for over 60 years, driven by a strong passion for the Ossola Valley and for cheeses coming from small productions in the Alpine area and beyond.

Castagna offers a selection of cow, goat, sheep and buffalo cheeses. The peculiarity that distinguishes many of these productions is the raw milk processing. The raw milk transfers and gives the cheeses the aromas of its territory, the scents of the pasture and the characteristics of the native breed from which it derives.




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Via A. Di Dio, 185
28877 Ornavasso (VB)

Goat: our selection of goat’s cheeses is constantly enriched; we can offer both fresh and long matured cheeses with different characteristics of pasta and flavours. Our productions are almost all made with raw milk.

Sheep: our sheep’s milk cheeses come from different Italian regions but the characteristic that unites them is the uniqueness and passion that cheesemakers want to transmit.

Buffalo: in the last few years we have developed interesting productions with buffalo milk, in addition to mozzarella, we also offer cooked pasta and a very intriguing Blue; try our buffalo camembert.

Alpine pasture: the mountain pastures are the starting point of our journey in search of Italian excellence, our wineries offer Bettelmatt, Fontina, Formazza and Summer all to taste. The goodness of our Parmigiano di montagna can be recognized everywhere, obtaining awards at international level

Blue cheese: particular attention has been paid to the selection of blue cheeses, among which products of great excellence such as Gorgonzola D.O.P. Gran reserve, spicy, and Strach’in al spoon, sweet. Both “once upon a time” cheeses produced entirely by hand by a historical dairy.

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