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Caseificio Val d’Aveto was founded in 1991 with a precise vocation: to relaunch the production of raw milk cheese of San Stè and to safeguard the identity of this Ligurian valley, which has always had its glue in the production of the cheese. We encourage a more conscious choice of consumption by offering tastes and flavours that bring with them the history of our valleys. We have studied the ancient processes, creating a production protocol respectful of rural gestures. We work with respect for the raw materials, the territory and the work of the people: our role as cheesemakers and artisans is to keep the cheese as faithful as possible to the nature of the milk from which it comes.

As in most sectors, excellence in the dairy industry also results from the subtle alchemy between nature, land and culture.

The great heritage of tradition and production in such a marvellous, unique and fascinating area of Italy just begged to be valorised.
The Aveto Valley is situated in Liguria, 40 km from the sea: sheer uncontaminated nature with its mountains, picturesque scenarios, ancient forests, unpolluted landscapes, vast meadows and charming streams, plus a people that for millennia has been supporting this territory. Here we live and share life with nature, setting in motion a food chain which brings all the way to your table the scent of wild bilberries and our fresh subalpine air, as well as farmers’ slow and wise gestures.

We have the privilege of belonging to a productive community that is proud to support their common heritage. When you live immersed in nature, you know how to respect it. Our products reflect this way of life, combining natural fragrance with traditional Italian taste.


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Via Rezzoaglio Inferiore, 35
16048 Rezzoaglio (GE)

We believe that in order to create good and genuine products, it is necessary to know the story of their ingredients. That is why the raw milk we use comes exclusively from 25 dairy farms situated in the Aveto and Trebbia Valleys, in Liguria, Italy. The farms work all year round to supply us with the produce of about three-hundred cows belonging to the Alpine Brown and Dappled Red breeds.

The milk collected and processed in these locations endows our products with the fragrant scent of nature, giving them their unique taste, which changes in according with the seasons. To safeguard the important age-old productive heritage of our territory,we have created the brand Milk from the Aveto and Trebbia Valleys, which guarantees the origin and genuinity of the raw materials used in our production.

Last modified: 27 Jan 2022
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