My name is Pasquale Costa, I am a young Calabrian entrepreneur who has decided to stay and invest in his land. Together with my three brothers we have decided to carry on the family tradition, which has been producing and selling its dairy products for over 90 years.


What distinguishes us is a mix of traditions, handed down to us by our ancestors, with a touch of innovation, so that we are now able to offer a product that is requested both locally and at a national level.

Our work starts from breeding and the relationship with animals, which means:

  • the cultivation of raw materials for their nutrition
  • the love, attention and care we put in raising them
  • the cleaning of their environments that allows them to living in harmony
  • dirty hands and sweat on the fields, as we cultivate the land on our own
  • the meticulous attention paid to sprouts and growth, the effort of harvesting and preparing the final product

Through all these activities we young people learn to empower ourselves. To know what a quality products is made from.

And our milk, too, grow rich in flavors, proteins, calcium and aromas of our land.




Phone:+39 3272242385


Contrada San Fili, 52
89020 Melicucco (Rc)

Ours is an artisan dairy, able to produce and offer products of great qualitative value, thanks to the production processes from the past.

Our Family passes on special techniques and a secret recipe to produce Pecorino Costa, a skillful mix of tradition and innovation: an excellent cheese that tends to enhance its flavor during the the seasoning without loosing its original sweetness.

Our most known and appreciated product is a specialty by Nonno (Grandpa) Ciccio: Ricotta Parmisana is delivered hot to be tasted freshly made, in order to appreciate its wonderful creaminess. A genuine food and an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus.

Last modified: 29 May 2022
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