Our farm, called Cascina Fiume, was born from the will of us brothers to continue our father’s work in both production of peppers and breeding of cows.

The beautiful climate of Piedmont and the richness of the soil in this area give to our peppers unique organolepctic properties that make them particularly sweet and with a thick fleshy texture.
We grow all 4 types of Carmagnola Pepper which are: Quadrato, Tumaticot, Trottola and particularly the Corno di Carmagnola – Slow Food Presidium.

Since 2000 we have been registered members of the Consorzio di tutela del peperone di Carmagnola (Consortium for the Carmagnola’s pepper protection) which authorizes the marketing of these 4 varieties of pepper grown according to their disciplinary, and enables the use of the official logo.

We started to process our fine vegetables in 2002 in our company workshop using old and traditional pepper-based recipes (roasted peppers, peppers in pickle, starter and peperonata), in order to make them available for our costumers all year long. Also we grow and process tomatoes, aubergines, apricots, peaches and pears.

Vegetables and fruits come from our farm crops, where expert hands are constantly taking care of them, then they can be processed with the best care and attention.
We don’t use preservatives, but we only follow natural methods of preservation thus we can guarantee the naturalness of our products.




Via Grangia, 4
10022 Carmagnola (TO)

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Cascina Fiume

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We grow all 4 types of Carmagnola Pepper which are:

  • Quadrato: this pepper is sweet, pulpy, with excellent shape, which make it suitable to be eaten raw, stuffed and in all oven recipes.
  • Tumaticot: this pepper’s variety has a roundish shape that is flat at the top and bottom. Its compact shape makes it particularly appropriate for starters and for pickle sauces.
  • Trottola: this variety is heart shaped and is extremely versatile, in fact performs well in all recipes, both hot and cold.
  • Long, called  Corno di Carmagnola: this pepper variety is long shaped (at least 20 cm), ideal for all oven recipes and for preserving in oil and vinegar.


(yellow and red fruits exist for each of those varieties)

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