The Casale Cjanor farm was born in the heart of the Friulian land from the passion for agriculture and culinary art of the four Missana sisters, who directly follow the entire production process, from the cultivation of raw materials, to the study of recipes up to the packaging and sale.
Started in 1988 as an agricultural activity and connected agritourism based in an old farmhouse of 1700 renovated, since 2006 it also deals with the transformation of its raw materials for direct sale.

The farm covers about 20 hectares, mainly cultivated with fruit and vegetables for processing. The cultivation of local varieties (strawberry, mulberry, horseradish, horseradish, pumpkin, …) is accompanied by the desire to try their hand with varieties of distant cultures such as lemongrass, habanero, tomatillo, nashi …
The combination of a careful search for tradition and the pleasure of experimenting leads to the creation of a collection of unique handmade products.

In addition to cultivation, the farm has a small pig farm, useful for the production of cold cuts, first of all the Pestat di Fagagna. The village where the farm is located in fact boasts a long tradition of pork butchery.




Via Casali Lini, 9
33034 Fagagna (UD)
fagagna pestàt

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All processed products are produced from raw materials grown on our own farm using the traditional method.

Since they are agricultural and artisan products, they are never the same from one year to the next, but they are subject to changes in weather conditions. Each product is created respecting its own seasonality, so once finished it will be necessary to wait until the following season to have it again.

Among the products, in addition to Pestat di Fagagna (a typical local sausage), there are extra jams, sweet sauces for cheese, creams to match with meat, sauces and vegetables under glass.

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