Casa Vespina is an organic farm located in the countryside of Orvieto, on the border between Umbria and Lazio.

Clean agriculture is practiced, respectful of the land and people.

The farm is spread over 12 hectares, partly cultivated and partly wooded. It houses a small shop and a tasting room.



Phone:+39 338 2925467


Località Le Macchie, 16
05018 ORVIETO (TR)

Casa Vespina products are the result of craftsmanship and loving care: small productions of ancient cereals, legumes and precious saffron, grown with common sense and patience. and processed with the help of other local producers.

Among the products:

  • chickpeas, cicerchie, lentils, beans
  • Dicoccum spelled, Verna wheat, Senatore Cappelli wheat, Khorasan wheat
  • eggs, fruit and vegetables according to season

The flagship of the company: saffron and Sandinista spelled beer.

Products from
Casa Vespina

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Last modified: 21 Jan 2022
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