Cantine del Notaio, in the green heart of Basilicata, devotes its commitment to explore all the potential of Aglianico, making a great research on the indigenous grape variety that here, in the Vulture region, groves at its best thanks to a combination of temperatures (important temperature range in summer as well as very high degrees due to hot air from Africa), lack of rain (no rainfall for two months in summer time), a good exposition of the vineyards and the rich volcanic soil (the presence of a common tufa volcanic layer under the soil that feed the plants, known by locals as “the nursing tufa”).
The winery owns 40 hectares of vineyards on the most vocated hillsides of the Vulture area (called the first zones) in 5 different municipalities (Maschito, Ripacandida, Ginestra, Rionero in Vulture and Barile).

The wines of Cantine del Notaio are all aged in very old natural tufa caves that date back from 1600 (once property of  the Franciscans) and run underground for about 1500 Km, so that they can guarantee a constant humidity all the year. Cantine del Notaio produces 16 different wines, 14 of them are made from Aglianico del Vulture grapes, the others made from Moscato, Malvasia, Chardonnay, Fiano and Sauvignon.
Besides, they are harvested in different periods (from the end of August to the end of November) in order to obtain a different result from the same grape, depending on the phoenolic maturing process that makes a great difference on the wine. This is possible because the Aglianico del Vulture is one of the latest grape in terms of maturing process.

The names of the labels all refer to the notary profession (echoing the brand name), and there is a logic order: L’Atto, Il Repertorio, La Firma and Il Sigillo are the red wines; La Scrittura is the rosé wine, while Il Rogito is called the “roSsato” wine because of its colour; Il Preliminare, La Raccolta and La Parcella are the white wines; Il Passaggio is the sparkling charmat method wine, while La Stipula Bianca Brut and La Stipula Rosé are the sparkling classic method wines; Il Protesto is the sparkling red wine; La Postilla is the sparkling sweet wine made from Moscato grapes and L’Autentica is the passito wine made from Moscato and Malvasia.


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