Torino Chamber of Commerce

Torino has a territory rich in landscapes, views and panoramas: we will show them to you in the coming months, revealing our many different souls. Just imagine the mosaic of territories where our DOC wines are born: rolling hills and mountains over a thousand meters, lands that embrace lakes and vineyards overlooking the city!

A true knowledge of the places, however, requires meeting people, listening to stories, tasting flavors. We will try to do this too. At the Torino Chamber of Commerce, since years we are committed, with careful selections, to tell the local identity through our best agrofood realities.

We count historical projects, such as the Masters of Taste of Torino and its province, who are already 20 years old, Torino DOC and Torino Cheese, whose protagonists you will meet live or online. A feeling unites them all: the passion for this land.

The Chamber of Commerce works at the service of companies. In Torino we have been doing this since 1825, adapting to the instruments and realities of every era. Today we face promises and needs of an entirely connected world: from the search for new markets to the protection of local quality products, up to the challenge of a technology that comes and is useful to everyone. It is no coincidence that the Italian Chambers of Commerce are also home to the Digital Enterprise Points to help small and very small realities in their technological leap. In the months of lockdown we have provided tailor-made assistance to 180 local companies and realized 32 webinars on specialized topics.

Our path continues here too, with those of you connected to food&beverage, will want to follow us. From innovation to online communication, from packaging materials to delivery, from patent to foreign markets: there is something for everyone.

We are also organizers of the b2b of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto with over 160 companies from more than 16 countries committed to exchanging solutions for circularity and sustainability in the food world.


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