In an extremely beautiful land, a land lived, known, loved and respected was born in 2005 the company Calabria & Calabria.

The strong attachment to the territory of Calabria will prove to be the beating heart of the company that not surprisingly chooses the double repetition of the name Calabria as a business name, demonstrating that Calabria has many resources, many faces, many facets.

Calabria, a land rich in colors and flavors, is a region that preserves a gastronomic tradition made of thousands of years of genuine products and natural delicacies, but it is above all a warm, welcoming region, a place where tourists feel at home.
And just to satisfy the demands of all those who wanted to bring with them a gastronomic souvenir, we start with much effort to pull up a small workshop that gradually becomes a real company capable of combining tradition and innovation.

Production Process

The company strongly believes in the values of the short supply chain, because it allows producer and consumer to have a common goal: the quality of the products.

The production process is based on respect for the territory and the protection of the environment and health. We source highly selected raw materials from the entire Mediterranean area.

Technology and automation are placed at the service of quality. We renounce any production shortcut that may compromise the original organoleptic qualities of raw materials: we use clean processes, free of dyes, preservatives and any synthetic additives.

The territory

Calabria, washed by two seas, cradle of ancient civilizations and crossroads of cultures, is a region rich in fascinating landscapes and unspoiled nature, is a territory that seeks to maintain its authenticity without sacrificing innovation, looking to the future with awareness and positivity.

The company Calabria & Calabria grows and works day after day, among secular olive trees, called “giants” because of their important height, their gnarled trunks and deep roots.
The extremely fertile soil and the Mediterranean climate have always contributed to the goodness and genuineness of the food production. Our products carry with them all the smells, colors and flavors of a unique land.


In addition to products obtained from conventional agriculture, the company processes products from organic farming in accordance with EC REG 837/07 AND s.m.i.

Investing in the organic choice for Calabria & Calabria means supporting future generations, preserving the planet’s resources starting from water, so as to preserve and improve the characteristics of the soil.

Organic therefore becomes synonymous with control, healthiness, respect for the environment and all the resources used; organic means fruits and vegetables with more vitamins, more antioxidants and more taste.


Phone:+39 0966655272


Via Vivaldi, 55
89022 Cittanova (RC)

We don’t accept compromises in the quality: a mediocre job can’t have a future.

We want to excite our customers with products able not only to surprise the palate but able to reach the heart.

Our products are packaged within 24 hours from the collection of raw materials.
The preserves, jams, sauces, vegetables and olives Calabria and Calabria enhance the authenticity of peasant cuisine of Calabria

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