The Bruno Sodano farm is a small agricultural reality handed down from generation to generation. The total area is about 6 hectares, partly in rent and partly owned.

For about twenty years the company has adopted a sustainable cultivation method and has choosen to grow traditional Campania horticultural varieties now in danger of extinction among which there are:

  • San Marzano DOP tomato (ecotype 20 SMEC), registered in the DOP growers register
  • Yellow and red Neapolitan Papaccella pepper – Slow Food Presidium
  • Long pumpkin from Naples
  • San Pasquale pumpkin
  • Scarola riccia Schiana
  • Cannellino Bean Tooth of Dead – Slow Food Presidium
  • Hundred-Day Pea – Slow Food Presidium
  • Torzella cabbage – Slow Food Presidium
  • Broccolo San Pasquale
  • Suessola Red Cannellino Bean
  • Giaggiù Yellow Tomato

The cultivation of these products is done with almost entirely manual operations that respect the environment and the integrity of the product.

The farm is involved in many networks and project: Guardian Farmers of the Campania Region; “Orti Di Napoli” – a Chamber of Commerce project for the recovery of the vegetable germplasm of five products; Gaggiù project; ABC project for the establishment of the Campania herbaceous agrobiodiversity network. It collaborates with the Agricultural University of Portici for the recovery of traditional species and with local administrations to enhance local products. The company participates in the plan of the integral struggle of the Campania Region.

Furthermore we organize guided tours of the company for education project with the schools.

Thanks to the company’s commitment to safeguarding endangered varieties, safeguarding biodiversity and enhancing the company’s production area, Pomigliano D’arco, it has aroused interest and has been invited to several TV programme such as: Linea verde, Mela Verde, Report and reports on Tg5 and Tg3.


Phone:+39 3334136551


Via Pratolo, I traversa, 93
80038 Pomigliano D'Arco (NA)
neapolitan papaccella

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hundred-day pea

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neapolitan ancient tomato varieties

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acerra dente di morto bean

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