Bracevia a Tutta Pecora

Bracevia is a concept, not a product, developed in 2005 by Agnese Volpone and Maurizio Cutropia. It is the story of a passion for a local dish and the love for its originating land: indeed it was born as a way to “travel through Italy illustrating the Abruzzo region”.

From 2006 to the first months of 2007, we prepared tasting menu for many restaurants, travelling up and down Italy to introduce our main product, the iconic dish of Abruzzo street-food tradition: the arrosticino, an ovine meat skewer cooked on a special narrow grill called “canalina“. Since from May 2020 we opened our shop, online too, sending our meat skewers to the growing consumers all around Italy.

Our meat, prepared following the local tradition, come from the slaughter of local breed sheeps, fed exclusively with natural forage, without any industrial animal feed.




Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 56
66020 San Giovanni Teatino (CH)

These pictures show the manifacturing stages, from a raw material of the highest quality to the final product, rare in softness, flavor and taste.

Last modified: 22 Jan 2022
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