Open the door of the shop and smell the smell of freshly roasted coffee.
It almost seems like a time machine, which takes you back to the roasting of the past, and the clouds of aromas that enveloped you, intoxicated you, conquered you.

And it is precisely from this perfumed story that Boutic Caffè arrives, born in 1971, in the middle of the oil crisis and recession. Hard times, in which even two letters less on the neon sign were already a considerable saving. So the French word “boutique”, chosen to communicate the high quality of coffee, is simplified in Boutic.

Today Boutic Caffè is run by Paolo Di Feo and his family, who have maintained the spirit, the machines and the methods of the artisan coffee roasting, one of the few that have remained faithful to traditional processing.

Green coffee comes from the most suitable lands in the world, it is roasted using a roasting machine of the 70s. This is where the blends, the coffees, are born:

  • Guatemala Huehuetenango – Monorigin Slow Food Presidium
  • Ethiopia Harenna – Single origin Slow Food Presidium
  • Mexico Maragogype
  • Bio
  • Fairtrade
  • Decaffeinated

And after roasting, the tasting is also done with a vintage espresso machine: a Faema E61, from the 60s, restored in the company’s in-house laboratory.

The Specialty Coffees of Caffè Boutic can be purchased in the roasting plant in via Monginevro 8 in Turin or from the our website.


Phone:+39 011 4474504


Via Monginevro, 8/b
10138 Torino (TO)
Maestri del Gusto di Torino e provincia

Maestri del Gusto di Torino e provincia

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Last modified: 24 May 2022
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